With effective Business Process Management, we take care of your booking, sales, flight planning, freight clearance, coordination, customs data management, data analytics, and billing.

Coordination with warehouse GHA, CHA & forwarders

Constant interaction with GHA, CHA and freight forwarders helps us to speed up the logistics process and deliver goods on time. We have a completely automated processing system to make communication easier and offer world-class customer experience.

Liaison with customs, government & regulatory authorities

Customs clearance and freight forwarding activities need to comply with customs, government and regulatory guidelines. We work closely with customs and government agents to improve the supply chain and optimise the efficiency of the logistics.

Customs data management

Customs data management has helped us streamline cargo management, the transit of goods and freight clearance. We leverage technology to improve the security and process the data.

Flight planning & manifestation

To efficiently manage your flight operations and improve efficiency, we use state of the art flight management technology. With our high optimised flight plans & simplified workflows, we can reduce your operating costs and increase your operational efficiency.